NBA 2013-2014 Predictions Evaluation pt. I

Similar to the last couple of seasons I have been attempting to try guess what will go down in the season and every year I find it harder and harder.

This season will probably go down as one of the most injury plagued seasons for every NBA team. I know Memphis and Phoenix are still fighting for that 8th seed in the West (Dallas just clinched theirs today) but I think it’s close enough to write this up – I personally think that Phoenix will grab that last spot though.


So here we go!

Firstly, things we’ve learnt during this regular season?

  • The San Antonio Spurs are consistent as hell – 60+ wins AGAIN (62 and counting)
    • Tim Duncan has gotten 50+ wins 15/16 times he’s been in the freaking league – the only time he didn’t was the lockout season where there was only 50 games!
  • The Milwaukee Bucks have mastered the art of tanking
    • Still last in the league after the Sixers went on a 26 game losing streak? Amazing
  • Andre Drummond needs to thank Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings for all the offensive boards
  • No idea what happened with the Knicks
  • Kyrie Irving looks like he’s so ready to leave Cleveland
  • Andrew Bynum needs someone like Kobe to keep him in check
  • The Rudy Gay trade was massive – Toronto Raptors get into the playoffs and Sacramento Kings start sucking? Damn
  • Derrick Rose may have gone down again, but Joakim Noah has become a monster
  • Injuries, injuries and freaking injures

I’m sure there’s more but honestly I haven’t been able to watch as much this season either.

It was definitely a rough start for Chicago fans; a very anxious start actually. Then it happened again and I’m sure all our hearts dropped. Then Loul Deng gets traded and fans start questioning if the organisation has started to tank. But what a great turnaround it’s been, huh?

OK enough fan stuff.

Prediction Evaluation

Western Conference – such competition

I had listed down the following teams to get into the playoffs – no particular order:

  • Houston Rockets 
  • Golden State Warriors 
  • LA Clippers 
  • Minnesota Timberwolves 
  • San Antonio Spurs 
  • Memphis Grizzlies – TBC
  • Oklahoma City Thunder 
  • LA Lakers 
  • Wild Card: Portland Trailblazers 

Thinking back now I wonder.. what was I thinking for putting down a Lakers vote?! Then again, it was an uncertain vote and I wasn’t expecting Kobe to get injured again I guess.

Eastern Conference – such lack-of competition

  • Chicago Bulls 
  • Indiana Pacers 
  • Miami Heat 
  • Brooklyn Nets 
  • New York Knicks 
  • Detroit Pistons 
  • Cleveland Cavaliers 
  • Washington Wizards 
  • Wild Card: Toronto Raptors?? 

Stupid Knicks, Detroit and Cavaliers. Who would have thought.. all that talent, nothing but self-implosion. All these coaches are done. Poor Melo, he’s been balling so hard, 11 seasons and this will be the first season he misses the playoffs. You can see that he really doesn’t want to leave New York but he’s most likely got nothing left to give for them anymore.


I was hoping the east would be more buffed up this season because of all the talent movement. Instead all I get to see is teams falling apart and teams tanking super hard. Like every season, I put down 18 guesses.. this time I got 5, possibly 6 wrong – so 13 or 12 / 18.

Worse than last season >=| but it’s been such a weird season too!

Anyway, I’ll write up part 2 when the regular season is over so that the seeds will be locked up and I can also evaluate the player awards!

Original Predictions:


  • Derrick Rose [CHI] → sadface
  • LeBron James [MIA]
  • Kyrie Irving [CLE]

Defensive Player of the Year

  • Larry Sanders [MIL]  stupid idiot getting suspended for a bar fight, why?? He had so much going for him after last season
  • Serge Ibaka [OKC] -> DeAndre Jordan [LAC]
  • Roy Hibbert [IND]

Sixth Man of the Year (oh man.. who is playing the 6th this year??)

  • I might have to come back to this one..

Most Improved Player – once again, no idea, but here’s one that needs improvement 😛

  • Brandon Knight (again!) [DET] → he’s not going to win it but he has been balling pretty well this year!

Rookie of the Year → blaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Probably the hardest one to call now that I think about it

  • Trey Burke [UTA]
  • Ben McLemore [SAC]
  • Alex Len [PHX]

Coach of the Year

  • Doc Rivers [LAC]
  • Tom Thibodeau [CHI] → I stand by this!
  • Frank Vogel [IND]

Updated Predictions – just 1 each:


  • Kevin Durant [OKC]

Defensive Player of the Year

  • Joakim Noah [CHI]

Sixth Man of the Year

  • Taj Gibson [CHI] → yep, not even being a homer about it (although they’ll probably end up giving it to Jamal Crawford [LAC]

Most Improved Player

  • Anthony Davis [NOP]

Rookie of the Year

  • Michael Carter-Williams [PHI]

Coach of the Year

  • Tom Thibodeau [CHI] → I think Jeff Hornacek [PHO] has a good chance.. but Thibbs has really done well to get the Bulls into the playoffs again, and not just scraping it in either

Alright, out!


3 thoughts on “NBA 2013-2014 Predictions Evaluation pt. I

  1. Philip Mansour says:

    Hahaha, love your starting dot points hahaha; milwaukee, pro tankers. With the spurs, couldnt you just give Duncan the 16/16 by saying greater than or equal to 50 wins? Why you gotta hold him down like that with your technicalities?! meany head.

    I’d like to repeat what i said about east v west from your initial predictions: “When you say East > West what do you mean by that? Cos if youre talking total wins – losses, i dont think so… If you mean the Heat win the championship again, thats quite possible.” . Told you so 😛 (although i may as well add Pacers next to Heat)

    My predictions though were another story….. a yucky story…
    “Heat, Bulls, Pacers, Brooklyn, Knicks … Detroit? Toronto? I think the last spot is between Cavs, Boston and Bucks all have average teams… as long as Irving and Bynum are healthy and play well Cavs are probs best bet.”
    -LOLOL Bynum! Healthy and play well! lol good one past-Phil! you so funny!
    -Got the top 3 right (whatevs about order) and Nets/Toronto are in there…. knicks wtf… lol at the other picks

    “West: Spurs, Thunder, Warriors, Clippers, Rockets, Grizzlies, Nuggets? Portland/Mavs/Lakers i guess youre right, lakers probs best out of them.”
    -Im pretty happy with this; no-one could have predicted Kobe to go down instantly after return and Nash to sit the whole season on the bench; even so i had Portland and Mavs written first, it was just your silly arguments swaying me towards Lakers 😛 and i had a nice, safe question mark next to Nuggets as if to say “i guess they could, but really we know they will come 11th”. So i got the top 8 and included a couple extra; i can live with that.

    So yeah, i got 12/13 like you i guess. Since i didnt pick the Suns before the season and am SUPER surprised they are even close to playoffs, im going to stick with the grizzlies to make the cut (they have an extra game up their sleave, although it will probably come down to their game against each other).

    Seriously, how did you not include Durant in your original MVP list?!?!??!?!?!?!?!!!?

  2. sukari89 says:

    Haha no I meant the season they couldn’t get 50+ was because the lockout only had 50 games in the season – if they had more they probably would’ve got it =P

    Haha past Phil and past Ben both made some questionable calls.. Bynum healthy though lawl.

    Thought Durant would’ve gotten soooo sick of coming 2nd he’d collapse, guess not =P

    • Philip Mansour says:

      Oh I thought you meant the 2011-12 season lockout where it was 60ish games and SA won 50 on the dot. How many did they win in the 50 game lockout? Is it the same percentage wise?

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