Melbourne Trip ’14 – Day 1 & 2

I better get this out in case I get chased seeing that E has already put hers upI’ll just need to one-up her and complete it ALL in 1 post like last year :). OK, it started getting too long, I’ll split it into Day 1 & 2 | Day 3 & 4.

I should really be making a start on my INFS5872 assignment but.. ah well, this one is for you guys E, S and P (oh hey, ESP, teehee).

So as we approached this Easter long weekend I thought to myself, ‘Wouldn’t it be awesome to drive down to Melbourne?’ after all, I’ve been dying to push the car for a road trip. (Out of sheer desperation, jokes, relax, don’t get mad) I voiced this idea to E to see what she thought of the idea and surprisingly she was quite receptive – the promise of food perhaps?

Anyway the rest is history.


The trip kicked off with S and I setting off at 3:30AM on the 18th of April 2014 (Good Friday) to go get E and P.

I asked the girls what their parents thought of having them join me on this driving adventure – surprisingly mild and not much worries, heh.

S did mention that her parents said that we “were crazy” for driving down AND taking the coastal route (Google Maps says 12 hours – perfect scenario). But the most memorable quote for me was:

Well I told them that you (me) drive me a lot already and P drives to Mittagong every week.. I didn’t mention E though.

S, maybe our trip would have been in jeopardy if you did ;).

Anyway, to me, the first stop of a road trip should always be McDonald’s. As much as the girls would object to it I went there anyway because like you know.. driver makes the decisions and whatever.. (OK not really, it was like 4:41AM (metatags!) and I needed coffee).

That always-reliable 24 hours :)

That always-reliable 24 hours 🙂

So what we soon found out from this drive was that, although we were being proactive by leaving very early and dodging all (yes, all) the traffic en route to Melbourne, cafes just weren’t open on Good Friday. Of course not, who were we kidding, this isn’t Eastwood / Strathfield.

Anyway we went through some quirky (and quiet) towns; I noticed that no matter how small the towns are, there will always be at least ONE “certified accountant” –  good to know that they keep on their taxes!

Milton, NSW

Milton, NSW

So needless to say that this threw our precious planning out a bit. But that’s alright, just means we’ll never come visit these towns again, no biggie.

I was soon relieved of driving duties so that meant I got a chance to take photos (oh hey, I just noticed most of the photos in my Media Library were from last year’s Melbourne trip.. guess I haven’t updated much since then huh).

On the road!

On the road!

I decided to stay as navigator for the rest of the trip while the girls switched up the driving responsibilities.. just in case there was any questions with the car – not because the seat was more comfortable, of course not!

On the road! Pt. II

On the road! Pt. II

So if we fast forward another 10 hours or so..

From sunrise to sunset - literally.

From sunrise to sunset – literally.

One of the things that we noticed is how serious VIC is about Stop, Revive, Survive – as soon as we crossed the boarder we started seeing signs such as:


Power Nap Now! (don’t pull over, NOW!)


Sore Eyes?

Power Nap Now

The one that made S switch drivers:

Drowsy Drivers DIE

My personal favourite:

Dead People Can’t Drive

Talk about in your face huh? Pretty effective though!

Anyway, 16 hours later or so we arrived safely and checked into the hotel. Despite our en route cafe / food stops being wrecked from the public holidays, our 8pm dinner @ Killiney Kopitiam went according to plan! Great food to ease into the start of a food & coffee filled weekend.

Are you proud of yourself E? ARE YOU?!

Are you proud of yourself E? ARE YOU?!

Hmph, because of that, I’m going to flip the next photo and if people complain it’ll be because of you!

Late night grocery run + Hot Star to introduce E to fried mushrooms.

Late night grocery run + Hot Star to introduce E to fried mushrooms.

So apparently E likes to stock up the hotel fridge (which was in the bathroom – initially that might sound weird.. but who hasn’t dreamed of cracking a cold one while on the can? Yeah you know it) and other snacks so we wondered around into Chinatown and surrounding streets to look for an Asian grocer. Turned out to be a good idea too because it gave me time to memorise some routes to and from the hotel which proved useful (to me anyway) for the rest of the weekend.

I have to say, unlike Sydney CBD, Melbourne CBD has got it quite well planned out – almost like how Canberra is very “grid-ed” out but at a smaller scale.

The next morning we had a relatively later start (I think like 7am?) but the coffee stop we wanted to go to wasn’t open yet, booo, so we had to have juice instead while waiting for Manchester Press – apple, watermelon, carrot & celery – always a winner, remember it.

You can see the line banking up before the place opened up.

You can see the line banking up before the place opened up.

I don’t think I’ll ever really get use to walking down a dead-end alley for a restaurant, it’s so tucked away that literally the opening times are painted on the brick wall.

Nevertheless, the food was delicious – talk about bagel dreams.

Chorizo > all, even pulled pork.

Chorizo > all, even pulled pork.

Look at that, even glimmers and shines.

The morning until lunch was spent at ACMI as there was a DreamWorks exhibition – great stuff and good list of movies that I need to churn through!

Demo of how Shrek's "Gingerbreadman torture scene" came about.

Demo of how Shrek’s “Gingerbreadman torture scene” came about.

You’ll notice that I won’t be posting too many photos because I really didn’t take too many (good ones), especially of food, but that’s OK, that’s why I have friends like E.

Lunch was at Epocha which was almost like walking into a house – we weren’t even sure if it was open until we walked up the porch and opened the door.

Epocha @ Carlton

Epocha @ Carlton

It was a very European-share style dining, the waiter was very good and explained how we should order. Great stuff, definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area. I won’t post any photos of the food since it was quite dimly lit (ooohhh~~ mood lighting~~).

Our next stop was at Koko Black (I feel like I’m missing something before this..) before dinner – how did we have enough appetite for sweets & tea?? For the Sydney-siders; think Max Brenner but better, much better.

Dinner for that night was at the much anticipated MoVida (Aqui, because I couldn’t book the original on Hosier Lane – I’m sorry!!). Yummy, yummy food 🙂 but the photos are all red, soooo.. moving along.. here’s a bonus photo:

Woo, Post-It notes.

Woo, Post-It notes.

Stopping here for now! Need to get a few things done – I’ll get Day 3 & 4 posted today too so I won’t have reasons to procrastinate.

To be continued!




One thought on “Melbourne Trip ’14 – Day 1 & 2

  1. S says:

    That was a very alarming sign, I’d forgotten about the Dead People Can’t Drive sign, photos of some of the others are now up on Facebook as well, why were all the entertaining ones hidden on the back streets when I was driving not when i had my camera ready to go?
    Everyone I talked to thought we were made – it wasn’t just my parents.

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