Melbourne Trip ’14 – Day 3 & 4

Part 2! Woo this productivity.

Oh, before I dive into it, I have to say.. the combination of E and P in the backseat together, not a good idea, in fact it was a terrible idea. Now S and I know how our parents felt when we got restless in the backseat on long drives with the family.

So in brief, road trip notes with E, S and P:

Worked Well:

  • Collaborative Spotify playlist – so many new songs to add to my playlist now 🙂
  • No one got irritated
  • No fighting 😀
  • Good driver balance
  • Good conversation
  • Range of snacks

Worked Badly:

  • E + P backseat combination
  • Not quite understanding the petrol station etiquette

So generally pretty good.

Good Morning from Port Campbell!

Good Morning from Port Campbell!

OK, day 3!

Pfft.. sour mushrooms, whatever E, whatever.

Anyway, we kicked off day 3 with a 5AM start so that we could dodge the traffic (once again) to the 12 Apostles. Originally this was supposedly to be included in the drive TO Melbourne, for some reason I had it in my head that it was part of the Great Ocean Drive – well.. it was, just AFTER Melbourne, oops.

No matter, we squeezed it into our plans anyway, why not right? Only 8 out of 12 of them left so might as well be quick.

(Happy Birthday again, P).

My car GPS went a bit funny and thought the 12 Apostles was in Port Campbell so we actually overshot our drive a bit. No matter, it rewarded us with some pretty awesome breakfast.

Passed E's super duper rigorous litmus test.

Passed E’s super duper rigorous litmus test.

Port Campbell - some beach.

Port Campbell – some beach.

Anyway we eventually found it with the help of good old Google Maps, didn’t take that long really. We had a crazy driver in front of us on the way though, that was fun. Something about girls swearing like a pirate, amusing 🙂

Victoria, so serious about DEATH.

Victoria, so serious about DEATH.

Ta da! So worth the drive and risk of DEATH.

Ta da! So worth the drive and risk of DEATH.


So afterwards we headed back into Melbourne CBD for lunch @ Stagger Lee’s in Fitzroy (Brunswick Street kind of reminds me of King Street in Newtown) – sorry, for a tasty lunch (good choice on this one).

On nom nom burger - I realised burgers a bit hard to share.. hmm..

On nom nom burger – I realised burgers a bit hard to share.. hmm..

The other less superior tasting stuff.

The other less superior tasting stuff.

Got sick of the girls so I went wandering a bit by myself (jokes) to Culture Kings because they have a larger snapback & cap range in Melbourne (as opposed to Sydney).

That collection!

That collection!

So now I have all 3 (black, red and white) colours for the Chicago Bulls, woo! Go windy city!

It was just a time killing activity while the girls rested up for the comedy show – “Get Ready! Get Set! Ahh F*%k It” by Angus Brown. Hilarious show and I’d definitely recommend checking it out if you ever get the chance, he tends to like having smaller crowds which seems to work quite well for his style.

By this time my phone had ran out of batteries and I had kicked my shin into Cumulus Inc‘s hipster outdoor milk carton seats/tables. Grr.. didn’t get a table AND drew blood. Hmph.

S had a bit of an Asian food craving so we went to Chinatown’s Zhen Hong to satisfy that. Unfortunately E will have all the photos since my phone was sleeping. But it was a good, relatively light meal to finish up the night since we’d been PACKING it for the last few days.

Had a quick dessert at a Taiwan dessert place to finish up the night. Well most of us did, E stayed up and watched Premier League even though she slept through most of it.

Our final day was really just driving back to Sydney – we kicked off the morning around 6AM and went to Stalactites – a 24/7 Greek restaurant which had some amazing slouvaki.

Best hangover cure?

Best hangover cure?

In hindsight it might not have been a great idea before a long drive, OH WELL AT LEAST IT WAS YUMMY.

We really only made 1 major stop on the road and that was to Long Track Pantry in Jugiong. Pretty amazing that the town itself doesn’t have much, a playground and a few shops and ONE MASSIVE cafe/restaurant that is PACKED.

A lot of cyclists actually!

A lot of cyclists actually!

Yummy yummy toasty :D

Yummy yummy toasty 😀

Oh, that apple & walnut cake in the background, a sure winner.

So that was about it – another 4 or 5 hours later we were home and in our own beds.

Logged up over 2,440 kms driven with over 30 hours spent in the car, yet somehow we’re all still pretty good friends.

It was a very fun long weekend and I can honestly say that I really needed something like this because of all the work and uni work build up. So a big, big “THANK YOU” to E, S and P for coming along and making it a really enjoyable trip with NO TROUBLES :). Extra kudos to you, E – thank you for staying awake the whole 8~9 hours on the drive back as my trusty navigator / chatter (pretty amazing if you consider how boring that last drive was) and of course, putting the bulk of the plan together!

Until next time!



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