Pilot: Le Food & Le Drink: Long Shot Cafe

Let’s consider this my little side-procrastination project for now..

A friend/colleague (here’s your plug =P) has been telling me to log a lot of this myself (hey, she’s the food blogger.. geez) but I am pretty lazy. I’ll see if I can put a fun twist on it though.

It’s going to take a few posts to figure out how to do this properly and in my own style, but we’ll keep it a shot.

Long Shot Cafe

18/6-8 Hannah St, Beecroft NSW 2119

( ̄(エ) ̄)ノ

( ̄(エ) ̄)ノ

Gluten Free :(

Gluten Free 😦

I’ve tried going to this place twice, but they close pretty early on Saturdays (there’s nothing to do in Beecroft on weekends) so I’ve missed out twice.

This time we so happened to be in the area so we dropped by for coffee (they use Morgan’s – good choice).

Coffee was nice, food is served on boards, ice drinks (brother had Ice Chocolate) are served in mason jars – so I guess it must be pretty trendy and stuff.

Food menu looked good but we already ate so maybe next time.. if I ever go to Beecroft.. yeah……


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