S01E02: Le Food & Le Drink: Al Aseel (Greenacre)

You’ll rarely find me out in the City of Bankstown but I suppose this shows how much I wanted to catch up with some high school friends.

OK, got my (baseball) bat ready, let’s go.

OK, I didn’t actually bring it but hey, probably wouldn’t have hurt to have 😛

Al Aseel

4/173 Waterloo Rd, Greenacre NSW

You ever get cravings to have good Lebanese food? Namely their grilled meats?

Ever since I went to Jasmin in Punchbowl (I think?) I would get these cravings. But then that meant I would have to venture into the unknown.

Well today I did.

Mixed Meat

Mixed Meat





Apparently the place was closed for 6 months for renovations. Probably a good thing, the restaurant did look pretty nice.

You know when you’re eating and then your heart kind of gets a bit heavy so you gotta hit yourself a few times to check if it’s still beating?

Don’t have to do that here. It’s constantly pumping because of all the adrenaline that you get for being in an area like that.

Well, was tasty!

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