Road to Recovery: Prelude

It’s currently 1:03am, technically the day before my surgery. Currently listening to a cover of Eyes Nose Lips on repeat.

I have been tossing up a bit as to whether or not I should keep a journal of my “experience” going through my first surgery (even if it’s just arthroscopic surgery). At the same time I have been wanting to write-up something for this blog since I haven’t touched it for a while and I also missed my NBA write-up this year – slightly superstitious because every time I write it up something shitty always happens to my Bulls 😦

So here we go, the write-up of my Road to Recovery.



The examination date was early November. By then I had already stopped doing most of my usual activities, running/jogging, basketball, volleyball, badminton and dodgeball.

When this report came out my heart was in two different spaces. It sank a little because it confirmed my fears that there was definitely something wrong with my ailing left knee, but at the same time it also reassured me that it wasn’t as bad as I feared (ligaments are ‘intact’).

My GP immediately tells me to stop all my usual activities including the rehab I was doing at the time. Luckily my specialist advised that I was still OK to work on the stationary bike in the gym – not sure how fat I’d be now if I didn’t have that option to me.

I’ve been waiting and waiting.. now finally the day has arrived for me to undergo this recovery. There’s a lot of things driving me to get better and making sure that I get better properly. But more important, making sure that I don’t mess things up again in the future!

‘Ref Pls’, ‘Skillz Dat Killz’, ‘AET.NET’, and of course – the badminton group I can’t wait till I’m better again to join you all.

Until then I’ll just keep staring and reminding myself to rehab properly. How?

The end goal.

The end goal.

To all my teammates and friends – just wait for me a tad bit longer 🙂

Thanks again E for helping me out with the logistics!


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