Road to Recovery: Ep2 – First Shower

The bandages finally came off today! This marks a big milestone – I get to shower :P.

A big shout-out to Wing, Wingess, CL and Ian for popping by last night to give me some food and keep me company to stop me getting too bored at home alone haha.

Stra Pocha delivery :D

Stra Pocha delivery šŸ˜€

Shouldn’t be much of an update today, I pretty much just had my long anticipated shower after removing my bandages.

The waterproof bandages underneath are still on and I can’t remove them until I go back to see the hospital on the 31st of December (first come, first serve basis – whaaa?).

The wound seems to be a bit bloodier than expected and it’s probably a bit gross to upload here.. but er.. here you go, ya freaks:

Mm bloody =P

Mm bloody =P

I’m still sad about the weird leg shaving job hahaha.

Oh so I realised because there’s so much blood under the bandages, this happened:

Oooh Yeahhh.

Oooh Yeahhh.

It’s been interesting though, I’ve been popping the Nurofen to control the inflammation since it’s swollen. But I haven’t really needed to take any Panadol for the pain.

Glad I don’t have to touch the last kind of medicine which has a gorgeous side effect of constipation.


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