Road to Recovery: Ep3 – Follow-up

I’ve been looking forward to today because I finally get my bandages off – now I can scratch the damn itches!

Not as bloody as feared, phew :P

Not as bloody as feared, phew 😛

But here I am at a crossroad..

The Doc gave me a heads up that a large chunk of my medial meniscus needed to be removed because it was a big tear, barely holding on haha.

However he also told me that my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is shredded, not only did it tear but it also dislodged from the actual position so it’s essentially useless.

Now I have to wait until February to see the Specialist for a second follow-up to discuss my options (surgery or no surgery). I’m currently leaning towards just strengthening my quads and shedding weight as well as being careful during sports hmm..

I’m not a pro athlete after all right? I just have this feeling that I tore my ACL back in 2011/2012 but have just been playing on it for all these years.. dang hope not.

The wait continues.


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