#1PaD14 – 2014 in Snaps!

At the beginning of January in 2014 (precisely 7th of Jan :P) I decided I’ll try taking a photo a day for the year to capture a moment/highlight/lowlight/food for the day and see how it all looks by the end of the year.

It didn’t take long before it to become a daily habit.

So here’s the write-up to accompany it!

I’ll kick it off with the first picture of 2015 (should’ve changed the hashtag, ah well..):

#1PaD15: garlic butter spaghetti πŸ™‚

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So I’m not one for resolutions normally but if I had to list a few things I want to focus on for 2015:

  • Health / Fitness
  • Learn to cook more

Otherwise it’s a continuous adventure to stay happy and be nice to others πŸ˜›

Highlights for 2014:

I’ll break these down into subsections~

The Travel:

Taiwan – February 2014 – got to meet my cousin’s daughter for the first time ever :), she’s going to be soooooo pretty when she grows up.

Melbourne – our somewhat annual Melbourne trip – 24+ hours spend driving and we’re still friends πŸ™‚

New ZealandΒ – snows and Hobbiton; scratched off the to-do list!

ThredboΒ – more snowboarding πŸ™‚

The Food:

We made an attempt to revive some of the cafe/restaurant visits this year.

Fried chicken is always a winner:

Funky cafes:

#1PaD14: kicking off the weekend with @windf2joker – brunch that became lunch, sorry!

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More Korean:

#1PaD14: winding down the week!

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‘The Mandoo’ opened up this year:

#1PaD14: fuel before dodgeball!

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Had this so much this year haha:

#1PaD14: weekend work done, 4 more sessions! Bring on the burn!!

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Finding nearby Taiwan joints are always a plus:

#1PaD14: it's not a workout until you close it out with food to neutralise your efforts.

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Winter coming along means hotpot!

#1PaD14: get that hot pot burning to combat the depressing weather!

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The amount of Malaysian cuisine consumed increased this year:

#1PaD14: sorry I had to skip volleyball but I did it for nasi lemak, can you blame me?

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So did the amount of congee:

But we can’t forget the amount of times we went to Yum Cha this year either!

#1PaD14: Mondays.

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The Moments:

It was good to have mum come back from Tasmania:

#1PaD14: welcome back mum! Belated Christmas and NY dinner. Fuaarr- so hot today..

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Great to see some old faces:

It was also good to see Vivid Sydney this year:

#1PaD14: bunnies lighting up the sky. #vividsydney

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Thank you to all my friends who came and celebrated my quarter century with me:

#1PaD14: fun night, thanks everyone. Good to see you all again πŸ™‚

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Another 3 seasons (or 4?) of KGV basketball!

“Guys, when you see the cake please act like it’s the best cake you’ve ever seen”:

#1PaD14: "aw you bought cake? I wanted to get froyo.." LOL happy birthday Wing!

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This guy turned 21 finally:

Dodgeball continued and was very much alive!

A work event sparked a revival for chance to play Volleyball (go AET NET!):

#1PaD14: new season kicked off today, let's have a good one team πŸ™‚

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#1PaD14: presentation done! Just the exam left, c'monnnn

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The Low(er) Lights:

You can’t go the whole year without some bad, I think it’s also right to make sure you take the bad with the good – gives some perspective!

The end of Pyrmont Basketball – hope we get to ball again some time:

#1PaD14: massif attendance tonight, awesome stuff! Hustle!

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The passing of a dear family friend:

Certain decisions and possible mistakes made that could have been costly to some dear friendships:

#1PaD14: hearty noms for a heartfelt talk. Thanks for taking the time and listening.

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The discovery of my left knee issues:

#1PaD14: time to face the music..

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Moving Forward..

Overall it’s been a pretty good year. In fact I met a whooooole bunch of new faces this year which is pretty new for me considering the kind of person I am. It’s definitely been a challenge, but a fun one!

I’ve also managed to travel to a few places this year which is pretty rare considering some years I almost take NO leave haha..

I probably need to learn to manage my time a bit better for 2015 because 2014 gave me some challenges with work ramping up and University being brutal as always.

But it’ll be a big year that I’m looking forward to tackling. Completing University, fixing my knee, getting healthy and fitter, maintaining existing relationships and well.. starting a new one πŸ™‚

It’s all an adventure that I’m so anxious to start~ and with that, goodbye 2014 and #1PaD14 (so if you’re still wondering what that stands for.. “1 Photo a Day 2014”. Hello 2015 and #1PaD15!

Oh, before I forget:



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