Cafe Passport ’12 – Epilogue 04 [END]

And this will close off 2012. Not to fear, 2013 will kick off soon as there are some exciting lineups.

Short and sweet this one because I didn’t put much effort into it since no E to take photos.

Oh great.. 3 photos LOL

Envy Cafe Gallery | 109 Smith St, Summer Hill NSW 2130


Mm could use with another one now actually.

You know what.. this is going to be so short I’m not even going to insert the “More” line.

So in short, I think E was on a cruise for a wedding and the other guy dogged it (was sick) =P. So it was just S and I.


Er.. probably BLT.

As the name of the place would suggest – this is half a cafe and half a gallery. As it may seem at a glance.. they probably get most of their customers from the cafe part of it. In a way it reminds me of that episode of How I Met Your Mother when Lily is trying to sell her art at different places haha.

Oh reminds me of Food Scene in Cherrybrook – that was probably the first time I saw a “cafe” with gallery.


BG: Breakfast Burrito? FG: BLT =P Yes, I was lazy.

See what happens when I’m in charge of photos? At least they’re not blurry.. or as blurry or whatever.

From memory (or me wanting to sleep..) I’m sure the food tasted great haha. Though when it comes to Summer Hill I think I’d still prefer to go to Plunge. Mm eggs.

And that’s a wrap! Shall find time to kick off this year.

Cafe Passport ’12 – Epilogue 03

2 more to go, well 1 more after this one then I can close the back cover of this mini book we’ve compiled.

Miserable weather to start off Autumn 2013.. and there’s a mosquito buzzing around my room that I can’t track down.. it better not bite me tonight.

Anyway off-topic, here we go, today we go to hipster town!

The Pie Tin | 1a Brown Street, Newtown NSW 2042


I did hint about pies yesterday right? 😉

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Cafe Passport ’12 – Epilogue 02

Whoops, got a little carried away with watching Nip/Tuck.

Hmm I’ll put this down as part of the Cafe Passport but I think it’s more of a restaurant.. but it’s a diner hmm.. so that’s kind of in the middle right? Haha.

It’s quite good timing actually because it was a few weeks before my USA trip – so it set a good baseline for me to compare the food with over there.. although really there really wasn’t much competition once I got there (:P).

Gah, got distracted again haha. OK!

Jazz City Diner | 238 Crown Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Jazz City Milk Bar | Republic 2 Courtyard Palmer Street, Darlinghurst, NSW 2010


This was their dessert front – I’ll explain later.

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Cafe Passport ’12 – Epilogue 01

It’s been awhile since I have touched my blog.. since the end of my US trip – fingers been tingling a bit to type something up apart from work emails and project documents.

It’s kind of interesting how last year I didn’t really post about anything else except for cafe / food experiences.. 2011 and 2010 were very different type of entries haha. Love that WP released a year review for blogging.. looks like it’s private 😦 can’t share my love of stats.

Anyway.. a few things have happened the last few weeks like my system harddrive dying. So I haven’t been bothered to re-install Photoshop so it’ll be a different format, hence the “epilogue”. Then again the photos were kinda late.. but as always, thank you E.

Let me quickly say a thank you to my fellow cafe buddies who have made 2012 such an enjoyable year with discovering Sydney’s cafes and restaurants; so many hidden gems! I’m so glad I got my act together and out of the house. A very big thank you to E for helping me get started and sharing the same passion!

May 2013 bring even more discoveries and have our tastebuds running wild again!

This one is..

Runcible Spoon | 27 Barr St, Camperdown NSW 2050


Very packed – got lucky with the seating for sure.

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Cafe Passport ’12 – Entry 25

OK.. backlog caught up now! This one was last Sunday – boy was it a good one.

E had been telling me about this place in Surry Hills for awhile – “Cafe Ish”, unfortunately a few months back she also suddenly messaged me in the middle of the night saying that it shut down with a sad face :(! But it soon followed with a note about how they also opened a new place in Redfern – “The Milk Bar by Cafe Ish”.

When we finally got to visit last week (we tried previously but it was flooded :() they had a story on the menu as to who the owners were and how they re-opened a cafe (with new concept) in Redfern. It’s not a bad concept; feels like a contemporary American diner. The interior decor is a bit bland at the moment – large white walls; perhaps that’s the intention?

They also had a jukebox and 2 table-top arcade machines which they run high-score competitions with.

It was an interesting morning because I know S didn’t have a great first impression as Ai (one of the owners) would not let her sit until we arrived (i.e. until everyone arrived). Apparently she normally has coffee before she meets up with us.. too bad for her she didn’t get a chance to have that beforehand :(.

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Cafe Passport ’12 – Entry 24

Backlog, backlog, backlog~~

This one is for the 3rd of November 2012 – 2nd last day of Sculptures by the Sea (Bondi) for 2012. Which also was the first time for me checking it out! Crazy.. been in Australia for like 21 years and I still haven’t been until now! Anyway so unfortunately S couldn’t join us today so perhaps we’ll need to go back for her. But it’s quite a neat little cafe / bar / restaurant decorated with blue and orange cushions – true to its name “Blue Orange”.

I noticed this year I have been to Bondi Beach like 4 or 5 times.. that’s probably more times in my 21 years in Australia all up. Crazy.

OK here we go!

Hehe not much text in the image but I tried to make up for it by squeezing 6 of E’s lovely photos into it! Half of it was probably because I couldn’t remember the dish names.. gahhh.. not a good sign 😦

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Cafe Passport ’12 – Entry 23

Alright I kind of wish I had more space to put all the photos that E took but.. I should have thought about that properly when I first designed the templates I suppose. OH WELL.

InterContinental Hotel. When I was a kid we used to go every now and then for the buffet (Cafe Opera) which I never really ate my worth considering it’s better for seafood and what not. I remembered that they used to have a playroom on weekends to keep the kids entertained.. featured a clown that would make balloon animals. I believe it was also the few places that would have a live accordion player o.O.. anyway.. sidetracked.

Sooo.. Cortile Room on the ground level introduced this year the concept of “High Coffee” which is essentially a High Tea format using coffee and coffee with liqueur.

Before I dive into it, just want to say that it was quite worth it, deceptively lots of food with some pretty great coffee.. not sure if I should call them baristas or bartenders haha, shaken coffee hmm..! More information here: High Coffee at the Cortile Room

Working off my memory now.. which has been failing me a bit lately :S.

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