New Zealand Trip 2014!

Since I have tomorrow off I thought I may as well type this up because I haven’t been posting much anyway!

Snow trip.. snowboarding.. it’s something that’s been lingering in the back of my mind since 2011 when I was invited to try snowboarding for the first time.

To me the experience of carving through snow (well “leaf~ing” haha :P) was a feeling I have been wanting to relive since I got back that weekend. Unfortunately towards the end of that year I injured my left knee (and re-injured!) which made me skip out of 2012 completely out of caution.

Last year was a good chance but I guess laziness took over. So this year I was determined to make sure I at least go once (namely to see how my knee would stick it out – that mental image of it twisting always haunts me.. ugh..). But at the same time it was a chance to continue my quest of world travel!

Lake Wanaka

Sunset @ Lake Wanaka, Otago

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NBA 2013-2014 Predictions Evaluation pt. I

Similar to the last couple of seasons I have been attempting to try guess what will go down in the season and every year I find it harder and harder.

This season will probably go down as one of the most injury plagued seasons for every NBA team. I know Memphis and Phoenix are still fighting for that 8th seed in the West (Dallas just clinched theirs today) but I think it’s close enough to write this up – I personally think that Phoenix will grab that last spot though.


So here we go!

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NBA 2013-2014 Early Predictions.

Alright so Phil asked me when I was going to write this up.. I was being lazy wasn’t planning to do it. But ironically I’m supposed to do my assignment now so I’ll procrastinate a bit (warm up my typing fingers – good reason) and type this up.

I probably won’t type as much as I did last year. 25 days till tip off, pre-season games have started and I just can’t wait. Perfect timing too since I’ll have more time!

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NBA 2012-2013 Predictions Evaluation.

Alright so this is going to be short because I just got back from Melbourne (food posts to come).. having a quick late night dinner now before I go to bed as I got work tomorrow / today..!

Last few years I use to PS up some brackets and stuff but I just can’t be bothered this year (mainly because of the timing and the fact that I think Chicago just doesn’t have a chance this year.. which is OK, next year!).

Alright so in my very early predictions before the season started, here is what I had for West and East teams that would make the Playoffs (check the link for reasoning).

No particular order.

Western Conference

  • Oklahoma City Thunder
  • San Antonio Spurs
  • LA Lakers
  • LA Clippers
  • Portland Trail Blazers
  • Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Denver Nuggets
  • Memphis Grizzlies
  • Wild Card: Houston Rockets (before Harden trade)

Eastern Conference

  • Chicago Bulls
  • Miami Heat
  • Boston Celtics
  • Indiana Pacers
  • New York Knicks
  • Brooklyn Nets
  • Philadelphia 76ers (before Bynum out whole season)
  • Atlanta Hawks
  • Wild Card: Cleveland Cavaliers

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NBA 2012-2013 Early Predictions.

Woohoo it’s this time of the year again!

3 days into the start of the much anticipated (for me anyway) season! With all the crazy roster changes, blockbuster trades and introduction of Brooklyn.. this has definitely been one season I was really looking forward to. Some highlights for me during the off season:

  • LAL, DEN & ORL – 3 team trade sending D12 to Lakers & Iggy to Denver (woo!)
  • Nash to LAL
  • Ray Ray to Miami (& JET to Boston)
  • Houston making weird roster changes
    • Then somehow landing Harden to become relevant again
  • Anti-flop rule

I’ve managed to catch a few games on Thursday (day 2); Denver @ Philly and Memphis @ LA (Clippers) – both were quite good!

So like last year with my predictions.. which I did.. OK I guess – some stupid choices like Bobcats but oh well.. (ref:

Credit: Reddit

OK here we go again!

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NBA 2012 Playoffs – Predictions

The post season is finally upon us!

Considering we weren’t even sure if there was going to be a season, it has really turned out to be a really great season!

A lot of upsetting injuries.. surprise trades.. and a good dose of player break-outs

There was no shortage of Blake Griffin highlights either of course.

So, where does this leave us? Well, it leaves me with 1 day to put down my predictions due to the short season!

Round 1 Brackets

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NBA 2011-2012 Prediction Evaluation.

What a day for the NBA today; Chicago losing to Washington (what the-?) and LeBron heating up in the 4th quarter (what the-?!)

From NBA Memes.

So for those who remember / care, back when the season started last year I posted my early predictions for this NBA season. Maybe next time I’ll include trades, but they’re always so lucrative! So hard to guess! Seriously, who would’ve guessed that GSW would give up M. Ellis or Lakers finally trading Fisher?

Anyway so how did my predictions fair?

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