Melbourne Trip ’13

I like to keep to traditions or rituals or habits. For example, before I start a blog entry I tend to make sure I have some kind of beverage ready, switch to headphones and then have music playing. Like before I take an exam I like to make sure I get to the exam venue at least 1 hour beforehand and have a sandwich or something light.

In this case I’m going to stick to the “BLTS” tradition of being the first to publish a blog entry about our group happenings.

So the four of us managed to scrap up a plan together and get away for the weekend to (not Sydney) Melbourne. For me, it’s been something I have wanted to do for awhile now.. a mixture of intent to see the Australian Open (tennis) someday and because last year in October the ACMI had a videogames exhibit.


Arts Centre Melbourne – both days were sunny 🙂

For various reasons we couldn’t get the trip together until this year, that’s OK, I managed to selfishly squeeze in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (at last! This one has been on my list for over 5 years).

Here we go – more photos than text because I know that no one actually reads what I type (I sometimes cry myself to sleep).

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