Melbourne Trip ’14 – Day 3 & 4

Part 2! Woo this productivity.

Oh, before I dive into it, I have to say.. the combination of E and P in the backseat together, not a good idea, in fact it was a terrible idea. Now S and I know how our parents felt when we got restless in the backseat on long drives with the family.

So in brief, road trip notes with E, S and P:

Worked Well:

  • Collaborative Spotify playlist – so many new songs to add to my playlist now 🙂
  • No one got irritated
  • No fighting 😀
  • Good driver balance
  • Good conversation
  • Range of snacks

Worked Badly:

  • E + P backseat combination
  • Not quite understanding the petrol station etiquette

So generally pretty good.

Good Morning from Port Campbell!

Good Morning from Port Campbell!

OK, day 3!

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Melbourne Trip ’14 – Day 1 & 2

I better get this out in case I get chased seeing that E has already put hers upI’ll just need to one-up her and complete it ALL in 1 post like last year :). OK, it started getting too long, I’ll split it into Day 1 & 2 | Day 3 & 4.

I should really be making a start on my INFS5872 assignment but.. ah well, this one is for you guys E, S and P (oh hey, ESP, teehee).

So as we approached this Easter long weekend I thought to myself, ‘Wouldn’t it be awesome to drive down to Melbourne?’ after all, I’ve been dying to push the car for a road trip. (Out of sheer desperation, jokes, relax, don’t get mad) I voiced this idea to E to see what she thought of the idea and surprisingly she was quite receptive – the promise of food perhaps?

Anyway the rest is history.


The trip kicked off with S and I setting off at 3:30AM on the 18th of April 2014 (Good Friday) to go get E and P.

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