S.Korea Trip ’12 – Part 6 [END]

So I ended (get it!?) doubling the number of posts anticipated.. ah well. Someday I’ll learn to use photos conservatively..

It’s current 1:36AM and I should really be sleeping since I have day 2 of a badminton tournament to go to. Just don’t feel like it yet.. some of today’s competition is still playing back in my head – great experience and quite fun. However I keep thinking ‘if only..’ haha, June! June, waiting for you to come..

At least that’s one thing I can tick off for this year. Few more things to tick off for the months to come!

So I think I left the last post on badminton night – quite fitting actually. That club plays their games to 30, it’s interesting that S.Korea clubs generally only play doubles, I suppose that’s why it’s their specialty. Today’s competition for the low grades were also up to 30.. strange.

Couple of days left.. not that many photos left I believe.


Ddeokbokki – my last meal in Korea!

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S.Korea Trip ’12 – Part 5

March 10th, whoops.. something got left on the back burner!

I think it was justified though, with the release of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm and Tomb Raider I had to make sure I finished them first.. so that’s what my time has been invested in lately.

I had to flick back to the last post to check what I was planning to post on this week haha. Not a lot of photos because Daegu is such a hole (LOL don’t get mad Hans I’m just joking!).

Day 2 of Daegu:


Daegu Museum

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S.Korea Trip ’12 – Part 4

Alright here we go again.

Flicking through photos.. I think today shall be.. Monday of Seoul and then day 1 of Daegu (maybe 2?).. Monday was Hans’ birthday but as a terrible friend I didn’t celebrate with him on the day, instead I went to visit Shirley who was in S.Korea for exchange.

Ignore the guy:



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S.Korea Trip ’12 – Part 3

Thinking how I’ll cut this entry down a bit hmm.. time to be selective with the photos I guess.

Been quite a week – body feels a bit sore all over, probably have been overworking it a bit too much.. Hopefully just sore and nothing serious.

Right so last post I kind of cheated by posting a photo of Cheonggye Stream.. I should be able to include that in this post. What a thought.. this was supposed to be the last part..

Erm.. so it’s Sunday – still in Seoul..

War Memorial of Korea - Itaewon

War Memorial of Korea – Itaewon

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S.Korea Trip ’12 – Part 2

I always do this.. I always wake up in the morning telling myself that I’ll sleep earlier (more) but by the time I get through the work day, come home, exercise and finally sit down to relax (usually in front of my computer) it’s like – Hey suddenly it’s tomorrow.

Then my mind decides to think stupid thoughts like, you know what would be a great idea RIGHT now at 12:36AM? Type up the next part of your Korea trip.. yeah!

So.. here we go, part 2 after we survived the Korean DMZ.


Cheonggye Stream – more on this later.

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S.Korea Trip ’12 – Part 1

I was sitting here after doing some house work and other administrative stuff, just about to fire up The Banner Saga: Factions (great game by the way – free too on steam) but then I thought and realised that I never really talked about my S.Korea trip last year.

This one was quite a significant trip because not only was it the first time I traveled alone but it was also the first time I traveled to somewhere other than Taiwan. Oh right, it was because of Hans too kind of, but that’s not that important.

So here we go, I’ll try slice it into hmm 3 parts.. I think that’ll be sufficient. I’ll try not to make it like just a Facebook album because you can see that already if you have me added anyway..  I’ll pick out the more memorable parts of the trip and what I reckon you should do if you ever visit haha.



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