Taiwan Trip ’09 -=END=-

Home sweet home.


P.s. My desktop power supply blew up.. gahhhhhhhhhh!


Taiwan Trip ’09 -=Day 35=-

Time to talk about today.

“Last day” for me have usually always been about relaxing and just doing like nothing really.

I wonder if that attitude is suppose to be laid back or lazy haha.


Since I did my mini recap last night already, I’ll just fill in what happened today – no photos :P.


I woke up at like 10:30am and decided “man.. I feel like egg rolls” so I went downstairs, about a 3 minute walk and got some eggrolls, mm $2AUD breakfast 🙂 with a drink too!

Then just watched anime lol.

Been watching Prince of Tennis and folding roses at the same time, I wonder how many I can get done.

Actually I lied, I’ll post one picture then:


Kawasaki Roses and the rose Cherry taught me how to do :P

Kawasaki Roses and the rose Cherry taught me how to do 😛

Alright so..

Had lunch, went to a place to grab whatever you want and you pay according to what you grab.

Grabbed like a box full and paid like 85NT ~ $4AUD for it, with rice too!

Man I’m gonna miss the cheap meals 😦


Going to dinner with my aunty’s family soon because it’s like the last night.

Wing’s been out since like 1 to see a friend and go clubbing I think lol.


2 Days left :).

Taiwan Trip ’09 -=Day 34=-

Counting down the last few days..

Tomorrow is the last full day in Taiwan, then the flight will be at 14:10pm on Tuesday GMT+8.

What can I say, it’s been a pack-filled trip I believe, hopefully I’ve accomplished a bit of what I set out to do on this trip – improve on my Chinese reading/writing.

I think in all I needed this trip to get away from Australia for a bit, although it sounds so stupid.. sometimes in Australia it felt really suffocating because of all the things that have been happening.. Haha.. all goes back to her I guess, surprising how much damage one person can do to a person’s life.

Well she’s moved on totally, so why should I still be suffocating right? Logically speaking that should be the case, but as Max Payne would say “Logic was a lie” and it is, because although something is probably SUPPOSE to be like that, it won’t be.

It just doesn’t seem as simple as it is..

To others I may seem like some loser who just can’t seem to move on, but if they’ve gone through what I’ve gone through they’ll realise how hard it really is and how much they wouldn’t want it to happen to them.

It’s not fair, but I won’t blame the world for it, it’s not the happiest thing that’s happened to me but I can’t really stop moving forward right?

So.. logically speaking I should be moving on too, but emotionally speaking I don’t know if I am still quite ready yet, all I can do now is try to be myself again, the me that I always use to be.. hopefully this trip has helped cleared my head a bit.

But this is me, this is how deep these problems will affect me, it’s not easy and if people have gone through what I’ve gone through, I can totally understand how they feel.

As for me, I’m happy and grateful for all my friends who’ve been there for me, needless to say that means I’ll always be there too.

As for now, I have to keep moving forward because time isn’t going to stop for me, my heart isn’t going to stop beating, but atleast now the tears have stopped flowing.

So I’ve had alot of laughs this trip, lots of fun memories, saw lots of great things, had lots of good food and drinks, and played lots of games :P, but also managed to calm my heart a bit.

I’ll learn to trust again, I will.

As for the future, who wants to come to Taiwan? 😉


Tonight was just going to ShiLin night market for a walk-around and stuff like that.. nothing special, but one highlight is that Wing and I managed to lose the Air Hockey puck LOL.

5-5 permanent DRAW.


Just a quick snap~

Just a quick snap~

So now that I’ve had a chance to think about the goals and objectives I’ve wanted for this year, hopefully I can achieve them.. :).

Friends, let’s get together when Wing and I get back!

Photos: http://s18.photobucket.com/albums/b140/Sukari/TaiwanTrip09/Day34/

Password: welcome


-=3 Days=-

P.s. I’m going to miss the cheap meals 😦


Bacon Egg Roll and Milk Tea (Warm) $2AUD :(..

Bacon Egg Roll and Milk Tea (Warm) >$2AUD :(..

P.s.s It’s such a pity – one of my dreams was to be able to take you to Taiwan and show you around.. but I guess that’s not possible now, you would’ve loved it too, the stray cats alone would’ve made you fall in love.

Taiwan Trip ’09 -=Day 33=-

Today we went out around like 12~1ish to Dan Shui to get some food and walk around..

So.. a bunch of food pix!

Shrimp Roll

Shrimp Roll

Then wing wanted Thai Papaya salad:

The shop~

The shop~

And wings papaya salad~

And wing's papaya salad~

A scenery shot~

A scenary shot.

Deep fried squid~

Deep fried squid~

Then felt like ice cream~

Whooooooooa 1AUD XD

Whooooooooa 1AUD XD

Ben, found it~ Fried mushrooms lol..

The shop~

The shop~

The mushrooms!

The mushrooms!

Wing REALLY wanted a picture which this girl working at this shop..



So I’ll quickly top it off with..

Another scenery shot hehe~

Another scenery shot hehe~


Photos: http://s18.photobucket.com/albums/b140/Sukari/TaiwanTrip09/Day33/

Password: welcome

Taiwan Trip ’09 -=Day 32=-

Today was the last day of our lessons!

So to celebrate we went to 西門 to watch 葉問 (Ip Man) which is about a Wing Chun grandmaster back in around 1939 etc..

Very good movie 🙂 esp if you like chinese action films!

Anyway the rest of the day was spent window shopping and shopping etc..

I’m a bit sleepy now so I’ll just throw some images lol.


This restuarant is called Coke Forest 可樂森林.

This restuarant is called "Coke Forest" 可樂森林.

Johnny Rockets much?

Johnny Rockets much?


My jumbo burger o.o..

My jumbo burger o.o..

And wing’s..


Wings jumbo burger~

Wing's jumbo burger~

The night life of XiMen:




For dinner we went to eat hotplate stuff.. like 100NT for a meal, pretty good 😛


Look at the back.. notes everywhere haha.

Look at the back.. notes everywhere haha.

This was wings dinner :P mine was similar but chicken~

This was wing's dinner 😛 mine was similar but chicken~


The rest of the night was just more window shopping and stuff.

Wing said this when I was playing a skill tester:

“Man if you can do that, then I’ll call you the Skill Tester Master.”

I spent like 20NT and got it 🙂



I guess all the times watching him play skill testers has paid off, haha~

Not much more photos so that’s it.


As for now..

5 more days!


P.s. We went to the Maid Cafe, Moe Point.. that was an er.. interesting experience lol.

Got a nice drink though 😛

Taiwan Trip ’09 -=Day 31=-

Today went to Taipei main to get a few things.

Had a quick lunch downstairs in the ShinKong building~


Wings korean lunch

Wing's korean lunch

Then mine:


Mine :P Like a jap pizza haha.

Mine 😛 Like a jap pizza haha.

Then went to NOVA to buy some computer stuff, like wing’s sexy USB and some games and earphones and stuff 😛

Now wing owes me lots of monies!


Then went to around 101 again to get some things:


A display that caught my eye - a cow/ox made of marble balls!!

A display that caught my eye - a cow/ox made of marble balls!!

Then went to see a family friend of mum’s to get some awesome pineapple cakes 😛

Even wing was like “this is omg FANTASTIC!”

Anyway, that’s about it =P


Went to a place called Skylark restuarant for dinner.


Photos: http://s18.photobucket.com/albums/b140/Sukari/TaiwanTrip09/Day31/

Password: welcome


Cheers 🙂