Taiwan Trip ’11 – Day 15 [End].

Landed in Sydney around 12:50pm.

Too tired to update but, zzz.. haha.

Was an overall good holiday 🙂


Taiwan Trip ’11 – Day 8+

Been in the country.

Went to Chia Yi on Sunday to Monday to see my Uncle’s family, good to see that they’re doing alright!

Had some great food and then Monday night we went to Er Lin (country side).

Have not been doing much because there isn’t too much to do hahaha.

Will be going to visit a popular Chinese tourist place: “Ri Yue Tan” (日月潭) – Sun Moon Lake on Saturday.

I might have to upload those photos when Im back in Australia, expect great ones :).

Back to being offline…

Taiwan Trip ’11 – Day 7.

Once again the day was split in two’s.

I spent the earlier half of the day with Albert at Danshui for lunch – small things as we have not had the chance to visit Danshui yet.

Dinner was with my eldest aunty’s family and my second eldest aunty and uncle along with a family friend, and mum and Albert of course.

To celebrate my eldest aunty's birthday 🙂

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Taiwan Trip ’11 – Day 5.

Biiiiiiiiiiiig day today, a lot of photos which needed to be selected/cut (originally 150).

In short today featured a visit to a very unique and nice restaurant near the top of one of Taipei’s smaller mountains (Taipei city is essentially in a “valley”) then a visit to Taipei’s International Flora Exposition and topped off with a quick visit to Shilin’s nightmarkets for some quick shopping.

Restaurant on the mountain.

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