S01E04: Le Food & Le Drink: Hartsyard (AKA go vertical!)

Better write this up. So before semester 2, 2014 (just before July?) started 3/4 of the nom nom crew visited Newtown to roll dice at trying to get a table at Hartsyard. Mad fail. E had a look afterwards to try book online and the earliest date we could find was like 3 months later.. I guess that means it’s just as good as Tetsuya’s then.

Artistic ambient shot.

Artistic ambient shot.


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S01E03: Le Food & Le Drink: Tokonoma (AKA pro foodbloggers only)

I have been holed up in my little bunker at home for awhile. I feel like my skin hasn’t been graced with the presence of sunlight for awhile now. It’s been a pretty tough week as well, one of the longer ones recently.

I have an assignment deadline looming over me with ones that have larger weighting in queue.. the 2nd half of this semester is going to be a real test of will. I feel like my games are starting to talk to me – “play me, play me..” or my sport equipment whispering, reminding me to exercise and making me feel guilty..

Ah food.. you’re the only one that understands me.

So E organised this deal for Tokonoma today, which was a good opportunity to catch up with the cafe/food buddies.


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Pilot: Le Food & Le Drink: Long Shot Cafe

Let’s consider this my little side-procrastination project for now..

A friend/colleague (here’s your plug =P) has been telling me to log a lot of this myself (hey, she’s the food blogger.. geez) but I am pretty lazy. I’ll see if I can put a fun twist on it though.

It’s going to take a few posts to figure out how to do this properly and in my own style, but we’ll keep it a shot.

Long Shot Cafe

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I would be lying..

I would be kidding myself if I said this week hasn’t been tough..

One half of me is mad at myself but the other is kind of at peace knowing that I did what I could and left it all on the table.

It still sucks though. Selfishly I wish you would be more forthcoming and honest with yourself.

Oh well, I’ll allow myself this, just once.. then I need to suck it up, rub some dirt on it and move on.

Thredbo Snow Trip ’14

I have been thinking whether or not I should write something up for this weekend trip I took to Thredbo in early August. On one hand I felt like from a travel perspective there was probably nothing too special about the trip.. however on the other hand my blog’s inactivity is really racking up (and it’s only looking to get worse after this post).

Day 1 Finish @ Friday Flats

Day 1 Finish @ Friday Flats

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New Zealand Trip 2014!

Since I have tomorrow off I thought I may as well type this up because I haven’t been posting much anyway!

Snow trip.. snowboarding.. it’s something that’s been lingering in the back of my mind since 2011 when I was invited to try snowboarding for the first time.

To me the experience of carving through snow (well “leaf~ing” haha :P) was a feeling I have been wanting to relive since I got back that weekend. Unfortunately towards the end of that year I injured my left knee (and re-injured!) which made me skip out of 2012 completely out of caution.

Last year was a good chance but I guess laziness took over. So this year I was determined to make sure I at least go once (namely to see how my knee would stick it out – that mental image of it twisting always haunts me.. ugh..). But at the same time it was a chance to continue my quest of world travel!

Lake Wanaka

Sunset @ Lake Wanaka, Otago

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