S01E5: Le Food & Le Drink: Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup (Recipe)

You’ll have to excuse me for this post because the last recipe I wrote up was in primary school as part of those class exercises. Probably for Fairy Bread or something (the best).

Something a bit different this time for this series of food posts; a recipe. I think most of us feel like a homely meal is always the best despite the great food that’s out there. Food brings back memories and it’ll always have that link.

For me, a good bowl of Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup from mum has always been one of my favourite dishes and it would always be exciting when she cooks it. However it’s been years since she’s last cooked this and I don’t think she’ll be doing it again anytime soon so.. she’s tried passing it onto me!

It's like having a master class! Gotta take notes..

It’s like having a master class! Gotta take notes..

Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup

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Lazy Man’s Oyakodon

I love food, who doesn’t. But I can’t exactly say I love cooking it as much as I love eating it. However I think it’s always nice to have a few go-to recipes up your sleeve if you ever need it.

For me these would namely be:

  1. (Red) Pasta with beef
  2. Bangers ‘n mash (:P)
  3. Oyakodon

Oyakodon in Sydney is usually priced at around $10 a bowl. It’s funny because once Queen B made a comment about it (as its main ingredients are chicken and egg) – “It’s like throwing in the mother and the child!” Doing a quick search online would tell you that a literal translation of Oyakodon gives you: parent-and-child donburi.

Mm 🙂

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Puff of sweetness

Yeah.. so the last 2.5 hours or so, been working on a little something for the coming Easter..

Lucky Albert came home and helped me out, I was like swamped and dying, ran out of ingrediants half way too LOL.


Chocolate + Macadamia Puff

Chocolate + Macadamia Puff

Total of like 84.. 6 failed/eaten in the progress!

Total of like 84.. 6 failed/eaten in the progress!

It’s kind of rich, but Albert likes it, so no worries!


Haw haw haw.

Enjoy guys 🙂


Hans -> Hopefully I’ll be able to prove a point to you!


P.s. an update on my anime list, let’s add two more:


Heard it was like an awesome music anime – seems so too.


Yakitate!! Japan

Yakitate!! Japan

 Bread baking anime! Freshly…