Road to Recovery: Ep2 – First Shower

The bandages finally came off today! This marks a big milestone – I get to shower :P.

A big shout-out to Wing, Wingess, CL and Ian for popping by last night to give me some food and keep me company to stop me getting too bored at home alone haha.

Stra Pocha delivery :D

Stra Pocha delivery 😀

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S.Korea Trip ’12 – Part 6 [END]

So I ended (get it!?) doubling the number of posts anticipated.. ah well. Someday I’ll learn to use photos conservatively..

It’s current 1:36AM and I should really be sleeping since I have day 2 of a badminton tournament to go to. Just don’t feel like it yet.. some of today’s competition is still playing back in my head – great experience and quite fun. However I keep thinking ‘if only..’ haha, June! June, waiting for you to come..

At least that’s one thing I can tick off for this year. Few more things to tick off for the months to come!

So I think I left the last post on badminton night – quite fitting actually. That club plays their games to 30, it’s interesting that S.Korea clubs generally only play doubles, I suppose that’s why it’s their specialty. Today’s competition for the low grades were also up to 30.. strange.

Couple of days left.. not that many photos left I believe.


Ddeokbokki – my last meal in Korea!

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Cafe Passport ’12 – Entry 22

This one should be a short one since we were a bit pressed for time this particular Sunday. It’s interesting actually, E and I usually meet up just outside this cafe near the fountain at Strathfield. However we’ve never actually stopped by to try it out.

It’s actually quite an interesting location and there always seems to be quite a few number of people dropping by for some coffee. They also use Di Stefano beans which was used in Cafe Warehouse (first entry! Wow.. sure has been awhile).

Unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of food options (not really a place to set up a kitchen) but the coffee was good :).

Annnnnnnnnnd some text.

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