#1PaD14 – 2014 in Snaps!

At the beginning of January in 2014 (precisely 7th of Jan :P) I decided I’ll try taking a photo a day for the year to capture a moment/highlight/lowlight/food for the day and see how it all looks by the end of the year.

It didn’t take long before it to become a daily habit.

So here’s the write-up to accompany it!

I’ll kick it off with the first picture of 2015 (should’ve changed the hashtag, ah well..):

#1PaD15: garlic butter spaghetti 🙂

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Cleaning Out.

So.. as some of you may know, I’ve been dropping by the “old” house (now – still feels weird saying that) in Cherrybrook every weekend to help mum clean/pack.

Today was mainly old computer stuff (back to like floppy disks and Zip drives man, ZIP DRIVES!). Fun fact: the Windows 95 driver for the Canon Bubblejet printer that we (still) have needed ~8 floppies.

Of course there were a few sour/bitter spots I didn’t really want to clean until later, I mean you know you have to clean it.. but you just avoid it until last or near the end.

A lot of these of course would be memory-provocative items.

Well that was that part of the house..

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Starting once again.

It’s here.

Semester 1, 2009.

A long semester it seems, despite only being 12 weeks.

I’m sure it’ll go like a breeze and soon I’ll be posting about complaints and rants about my assessments and stress.

As for now though, I hope to enter this semester with a positive attitude and as usual my hardworking attitude.

I hope I’ll be able to create more happy memories this year.


To all those who are starting their semesters or have already started, I wish you all a great semester!


See you all around 🙂