Road to Recovery: Ep3 – Follow-up

I’ve been looking forward to today because I finally get my bandages off – now I can scratch the damn itches!

Not as bloody as feared, phew :P

Not as bloody as feared, phew πŸ˜›

But here I am at a crossroad..

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Road to Recovery: Ep2 – First Shower

The bandages finally came off today! This marks a big milestone – I get to shower :P.

A big shout-out to Wing, Wingess, CL and Ian for popping by last night to give me some food and keep me company to stop me getting too bored at home alone haha.

Stra Pocha delivery :D

Stra Pocha delivery πŸ˜€

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Road to Recovery: Ep1 – Knock Out

As I left the office on the 17th of December 2014 my friend offered me one piece of advice (not sure if he was trolling but I’ll take it):

Think happy thoughts, because it’ll be the first think you think about when you wake up.

I guess it was better than the other advice I got:

Make sure they mark the right knee.


First thing to do after waking up?

First thing to do after waking up?

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Road to Recovery: Prelude

It’s currently 1:03am, technically the day before my surgery. Currently listening to a cover of Eyes Nose LipsΒ on repeat.

I have been tossing up a bit as to whether or not I should keep a journal of my “experience” going through my first surgery (even if it’s just arthroscopic surgery). At the same time I have been wanting to write-up something for this blog since I haven’t touched it for a while and I also missed my NBA write-up this year – slightly superstitious because every time I write it up something shitty always happens to my Bulls 😦

So here we go, the write-up of my Road to Recovery.



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