#1PaD14 – 2014 in Snaps!

At the beginning of January in 2014 (precisely 7th of Jan :P) I decided I’ll try taking a photo a day for the year to capture a moment/highlight/lowlight/food for the day and see how it all looks by the end of the year.

It didn’t take long before it to become a daily habit.

So here’s the write-up to accompany it!

I’ll kick it off with the first picture of 2015 (should’ve changed the hashtag, ah well..):

#1PaD15: garlic butter spaghetti 🙂

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2013 in Reflection.

I wasn’t planning to write one of these but it kind of felt weird. Then again I also got my annual report sent to me and realised how much I neglected my blog.

But since the return of NBA there really hasn’t been that much that I have wanted to talk about. In some respects it has been a quieter year than last year but that doesn’t mean I didn’t get up to anything.

2013 kicked off in San Francisco where we spent the very first hour of the NY busting back to the hostel since some of us needed to use the bathroom, bad. NY day was spent exploring the tourist sites of San Fran.


That trip took us pretty much till February – gosh I miss that trip so much.

Was a bit quiet for awhile when I got back. February and March were plagued with a bit of shake up at work which kind of occupied my my mental space a bit. Having said that, it was a good time to reflect and think about what I want to do in the future with regards to my career.

Oh, the first Colour Run in Sydney was introduced – that was fun :).

April was our Melbourne weekend trip which finally managed to happen (swear it was supposed to happen late 2012 – ah well) – oh, finally, finally, got to see a show as part of the Comedy Festival! Woo!!


May was interesting, considering I had only gotten back from America in late January I suddenly found myself mid-May on another flight.. America bound, but this time, to Phoenix, Arizona.


That was definitely an interesting experience for me. Not only did I get a chance to explore a new place in the world but it gave me an opportunity to think about what I wanted to do with regards to my career and the rest of the year.

June came around and I decided it was time to start further pursuing my studies. I figured, I probably won’t be as “free” as I am this year moving forward so.. may as well get it started.

July rolls around and in some respect I still couldn’t quite believe that I was actually back at UNSW again. But as soon as semester started, there went most of my free time, unfortunately that meant a hit to social activities; such as my beloved Tuesday basketball nights :(.

There were a few small road trips here and there but nothing too major happened during semester as I was tied with studies and work. Not until about November where I flew again to Melbourne for a family friend’s wedding.

No holidays until late January 2014 so I’ve got a bit to go until then.

Some of the highlights apart from the mentioned:

  • Badminton tournaments – even though we never managed to advance, was still quite an experience
  • Dodgeball!
  • MORE Basketball AND the return of KGV competitions 😀
  • Lots of running – although I’m hoping to add swimming to that
  • New car
  • NBA Playoffs + Finals at Bar333 – the atmosphere was so nostalgic of the America trip.

With 2014 rolling over in a few hours I’m hoping to figure out how to work smarter and not burn myself out. With another 2 semesters coming and busy times at work I’ll need to learn some work-life balance!

In retrospective, I should have taken a break during mid-semester to recharge. I’ve been so grateful for the Christmas break because I suddenly realise how restless and tired I am.

It’s been a long year despite seeming to be a quiet one on the surface. Guess I’ll finish it there. Oh, one more thing:

  • Completed Final Fantasy 13 – I’m so proud of this because a few people told me to give up already (and it only took me 3 years anyway).

Happy New Year – May 2014 bring happiness and good health 🙂

USA Trip ’12-’13 – Day 8

It’s 1:11am which means it finally ticked over the new year in San Francisco! So happy new year again everyone.

We just did a massive power walk back from the piers where the fireworks were held. We sat and waiting against some fences for about 3 hours in the cold.. We stood up at 11:30 and noticed we were pretty much trapped in.

My phone was out of batteries so I couldn’t get any firework shots but that’s ok, it’s no where near as good as Sydney so don’t worry :). It just seemed to have a lot more people smoking weed and doing meth.

Anyway before that..

This morning we headed towards Fisherman’s Wharf via Chinatown. I slept in so I didn’t have any hostel breakfast. Stopped by a little bakery+cafe for some bread and coffee.


Their cinnamon scrolls were so good.. Want another one. Coffee was good too 🙂 have to resort to cappuccinos here because flat white too Aussie..

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Farewell 2012!

Although officially 2012 doesn’t end until a bit over the week-end.. I figured since I’m pretty much clocking off this year I might as well get this in to clear up some thoughts before heading to bed for my last sleep in Sydney for 2012 :).

When the clock hands ticked over into 2012 last year I never really would have imagined this year being so jam-packed as it turned out. Thinking back now it actually was a very good year and I didn’t really have any down times or bad times; was all very good.

Coming into the year I had a few simple goals / focuses for the year:

  • Attention to detail
  • Asking the right question(s)!
  • Becoming completely independent :)
  • Get (and stay) fit
  • Stop impulse buying .__________.
  • Worry less, live more.

From this little list I feel that I have met most of them, perhaps not so much the last 2 haha but it’s a work in progress.. not easy to change one’s nature!

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