Road to Recovery: Ep4 – Decisions

On the last episode of Road to Recovery I got my bandages off to reveal a weird shaved left knee.

So today was my specialist follow-up (as opposed to the last one which was a general hospital follow-up) to discuss my left knee situation.

Not much to say really, just a matter of weighing out whether or not I should do surgery and when. Either way I still have to deal with the dang cooling off period!

Minnerumma Rainforest

Minnerumma Rainforest

Until then, the quest for thunder thighs continues.


Road to Recovery: Prelude

It’s currently 1:03am, technically the day before my surgery. Currently listening to a cover of Eyes Nose Lips on repeat.

I have been tossing up a bit as to whether or not I should keep a journal of my “experience” going through my first surgery (even if it’s just arthroscopic surgery). At the same time I have been wanting to write-up something for this blog since I haven’t touched it for a while and I also missed my NBA write-up this year – slightly superstitious because every time I write it up something shitty always happens to my Bulls 😦

So here we go, the write-up of my Road to Recovery.



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